The Bunkers settled on Sonoma Mountain in 1981. Eric, being a farmer at heart, knew he wanted to produce something with his land. That is when his mentor, Ray Bartolomei suggested that grapes would grow well on the mountain. Ray Bartolomei is a third generation grape grower from Mendocino county. He had seen the excellent chardonnays that were produced from mountain grown fruit. With that advice Eric planted Bunker Sonoma Mountain Vineyards with the goal of growing exceptional chardonnay grapes, with fruit that would produce complex, award winning wines.

    After the vineyard began, Eric was successful in producing quality grapes that sought  after by notable first-rate Napa and Sonoma wineries. Although, he was enjoying growing and selling his prize grapes, Eric envisioned making his own chardonnay wine. In 2002, Eric bottled his first chardonnay wine.  In its first competition at the Orange County Fair, Eric’s wine won its first gold medal.

    In that same year, Eric approached his mother, Geraldine Bunker,  an accomplished artist, for label and name ideas for his chardonnay wine.  Geraldine admired the geese that flew  over the vineyards during harvest. She enjoyed watching them feed on the second crop leftovers. This graceful creatures were her inspiration for the label of her son’s wine.

    With the success of the label and winery name, Eric wanted to create red wines that would compliment his chardonnay wine. He knew where to start. He looked again to his friend and mentor, Ray Bartolomei. Eric tasted the product of Ray’s century old vine zinfandel and now creates a Black Goose Old Vine Zinfandel with those grapes. The Bunker family continue to produce a quality chardonnay from their Bunker Sonoma Mountain Vineyard. In addition, Eric constantly seeks for single vineyards that produce unique, high caliber fruit to add to his collection of his Black Goose varietals. The family is proud to produce quality wines , from single vineyards with complex flavor profiles.     


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